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Nestled in the picturesque Blackwood Valley region, Bridgetown is the only historical town in the South West giving it it’s unique country town charm loved by tourists and locals alike.  With a rich history of agriculture and mining in the area the town has slowly grown to become the thriving community it is today. 

With quaint shops, great cafes, cozy accommodation and lots of interesting things to do, there are plenty of reasons to visit Bridgetown and enjoy all of the country hospitality we have on offer.

Events in Bridgetown
Bridgetown Secret Picnic

Bridgetown Secret Picnic

Take an interactive tour around Bridgetown! Starting at the Rabbit Hole, you will be given a picnic basket and a series of clues to guide you to each destination, where you will gather the supplies for your sumptuous and local picnic, all whilst learning about our town, its people and places. Once all the ingredients are found follow the final clue to a beautiful secret picnic spot! For groups of 2-6 people.
The Rabbit Hole 2D Instabooth, a fun activity in Bridgetown

2D InstaBooth

Visit this wacky 2D cartoon world with loads of options and kooky props for insta-worthy pics. We’re down The Rabbit Hole in creative Bridgetown. See the set and images from other Instagramers by following us on Instagram @2dinstabooth
Bridgetown Mini Golf

Bridgetown Golf Club Mini Golf

Fun for all the family at Bridgetown Golf Club’s Mini Golf course affectionately named Jean’s Garden in honour of a treasured member. This delightful country course is situated just a few minutes north of the town site and is approached via the turn off on Hester Hill. Affordable and fun for all ages.