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Bridgetown has amazing views from the country roads surrounding the town

Bridgetown Has Something For Everyone

Nestled in the picturesque Blackwood Valley region, Bridgetown is the only historical town in the South West giving it it’s unique country town charm loved by tourists and locals alike.  With a rich history of agriculture and mining in the area the town has slowly grown to become the thriving community it is today. 

With quaint shops, great cafes, cozy accommodation and lots of interesting things to do, there are plenty of reasons to visit Bridgetown and enjoy all of the country hospitality we have on offer.

A Bit About Bridgetown Discovery

Trudy and Jenny are both longstanding residents of Bridgetown, passionate about where they live and sharing it’s secrets with others. A veritable ideas powerhouse, this pair first met when Trudy began creating the Bridgetown Art Trail and sought Jenny’s input as creator of the town’s unique art gallery & studio venue.

They have gone from project to project ever since and in March 2021 created www.bridgetowndiscovery.com.au and the accompanying Facebook & Instagram pages. They saw a real need to provide the increasing numbers of tourists with a one stop shop to access information about all accommodation, retail, indulgences and experiences- free and paid – that are available in our beautiful valley town.

Seeing a gap in the burgeoning tourist market, Jenny and Trudy joined forces in 2020 with a vision to provide more information for tourists and locals about what they could see and do in and around Bridgetown.

This vision grew over time as they saw the need for a one-stop tourist information source that had been lacking in the town for some time. They are an ideas powerhouse and continue to come up with new and different ideas to provide more and more options for people to do whilst visiting the beautiful valley they call home. They are both passionate about where they live and find great pleasure in sharing their knowledge and excitement with visitors.

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