The Spice of Life

May 10, 2022

They say that variety is the Spice of Life. That being the case then Bridgetown must be the spiciest town in the west.

Just look at Bridgetown’s variety of things to do, to see or to tempt your taste buds.

There’s the simple pleasure of a walk down the main street of Bridgetown to view the beauty of the trees with their leaves splashing their Autumn colours. Or walk a trail alongside the Blackwood River and enjoy the beauty and solitude of nature. Or indeed just amble around the Sunday Open Market at the Blackwood River Park, sample the tasty offerings or purchase an offering from any of the many stalls.

Take your time to discover some of the many little intriguing pleasures that await you in the town. Check out the amazing display of Jigsaws that are a feature at the Visitors Centre. Grab a pamphlet for the Arts Trail and start a fascinating and rewarding trek around Bridgetown to discover some hidden delights. Take a trip down the Rabbit Hole and see local artists at work. Don’t forget to wander into some of the unique shops along the main thoroughfare, like the enticing lolly shop or any of the many quirky shops.

Foodie options

After all these activities or perhaps even whilst you are exploring , there are so many places to stop and enjoy a tasty sensation. Try FATS, where the Bagels are a real treat and inside you’ll also find the little Christmas Shop. Sample the delectable offerings of The Mulberry Tree, or The Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant. Or grab a specialty from the Bakery, the Vietnamese Café or try a meal at any of the Hotels or the Cidery.

All in all Bridgetown offers so many delights that it will take more than a day to discover all the hidden treasures. So linger a while to ensure that you your visit to Bridgetown is a spice to remember and treasure.

Add that special Spice to your life and make a date to visit Bridgetown. 

By Gerald Howard           


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